About us

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About us

APRIS is an architectural and design studio and construction company. We design buildings, prepare all stages of Construction Documents, and we build. We like to stay with our projects from start to finish.

The last detail is as important to us as the first concept. That’s why we focuse not only on designing but also on building. Our team consists of architects, civil engineers and structural engineers, as well as site managers and craftsmen.

Our services

Architecture and Planning

1. Architectural Designs
2. Investment plans and feasibility studies
3. Zoning and regulatory plans
4. Construction Documents for building permits
5. Construction documents for contractor selection and construction execution
6. Securing legal documents for building
7. Construction Administration
8. Static surveys
9. Investment cost list and schedules

Construction works

1. Building execution and management
2. Technical supervision

How does the cooperation work?

The best time to start cooperation is at the investment plan stage, we will be happy to help you select the right plot and assess its feasibility. Most often we start our work with Design Development. A typical building project has four phases, which are contractually separated:

1. Design Development
2. Construction Documents
3. Securing building permits
4. Building execution

We will be happy to arrange your construction from Design to the actual implementation. We have 30 years of experience in the field and many completed references. Our studio has been operating under the APRIS brand since its foundation by Miroslava Tylšová in 1991. In 2004 the company APRIS 3MP was established, in 2024 we returned to the original name of the studio by renaming the company.

Company Management

Ing. arch. Miroslava Tylšová
/ tylsova(at)apris.cz
Licensed architect ČKA 

Ing. Petr Solnička
/ solnicka(at)apris.cz
Licensed civil engineer ČKAIT

Our team

  • Ing. arch. Miroslava Tylšová
    / tylsova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. arch. Vojtěch Taraba
    / taraba(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. arch. Petra Holubová
    / holubova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. arch. Judita Fischerová
    / judita.fischerova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. arch. Miloš Fischer
    / milos.fischer(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. arch. Jana Poláková
    / polakova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. arch. Barbora Ptáčková
    / ptackova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. arch. Dominika Kadulová
    / kadulova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Štěpánka Vladyková
    / vladykova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Eva Roubalová Klímová
    / klimova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Blanka Krösslová
    / krosslova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Soňa Koubová
    / koubova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Vojtěch Hejl
    / hejl(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Pavlína Rozlilková
    / rozlilkova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Jan Štorek
    / storek(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Yuriy Shelemba
    / shelemba(at)apris.cz
  • Patrik Cakl
    / cakl(at)apris.cz
Construction works
  • Ing. Petr Solnička
    / solnicka(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Petr Nádvorník
    / nadvornik(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Jan Urban
    / urban(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Denisa Kratochvílová
    / kratochvilova(at)apris.cz
  • Jan Fiala
    / fiala(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Karel Šimek
    / simek(at)apris.cz
  • Michal Joura
    / joura(at)apris.cz
  • Radek Fajman
    / fajman(at)apris.cz
  • Barbora Doudová
    / doudova(at)apris.cz
  • Jakub Mašek
    / masek(at)apris.cz
  • Ondřej Spanilý
    / spanily(at)apris.cz
  • Iveta Pulcová
    / pulcova(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Ivan Jeník
    / jenik(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Jan Fischer
    / jan.fischer(at)apris.cz
  • Ing. Michal Drašnar
    / drasnar(at)apris.cz
  • Bára Meluzinová
    / meluzinova(at)apris.cz
  • Jitka Čistecká
    / cistecka(at)apris.cz
Cooperating professionals

Ing. Šárka Navarová Ph.D. / Fire safety, Ing. Zdeněk Sadílek / Sanitary Installations, Ing. Michal Chramosta / Rainwater Management, Ing. Zdeněk Pešek / HVAC, Pavel Zdeněk, Pavel Tesař / Elecrical installations, Ing. Michal Eibich / Low-current systems